The file-sharing and collaboration marketplace is crowded with applications promising to deliver on the potential of a work anywhere, with anyone, culture. Most popular file sharing applications offer a degree of security but, for many organisations, they don’t meet their standards for maximum data protection.

SureDrop is different. Secure by design, it was developed as a security application, featuring strong encryption and 100% data sovereignty control.

No matter where or how the people in your organisation work, there is always the need to share, collaborate and sync files – both internally and externally. While you want to enable collaboration, data security should always be the first priority. If it’s not, the risk of non-compliance and data breaches become a serious problem.

Our customers have been telling us that their mobility and productivity initiatives are frustrated by insufficient levels of security delivered by existing file-sharing solutions. While many are user friendly, elegant and effective, they’re simply not secure enough.

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SureDrop is secure by design, it provides strong encryption with state-of-the-art key management to ensure maximum security, without compromising performance or user experience.


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Effortless file-sharing without compromise

SureDrop provides all the tools and functionality you’ve come to know and love from solutions like Dropbox. We’ve simply added the surety of encryption security and data sovereignty control, so people who can’t use existing solutions can use SureDrop.

Enterprise software integration

By providing full compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365, SureDrop enables simplified file collaboration and sharing, using the world’s best known office suite. Integration with Microsoft Azure enables deployment as part of a broader PaaS or SaaS solution.

High performance and high availability

SureDrop delivers the highest possible resilience to data network or device failure because it has designed-in fault tolerance and self-healing capabilities. SureDrop’s architecture and built-in redundancy minimise the inconvenience of communication failures. This ensures your files are always available and in sync.

Robust, standards-based encryption

SureDrop is different because it has been designed and built from the ground up using defence-grade encryption security. In addition to using standards-based AES256 bit algorithms, SureDrop utilizes file fragmentation for an extra layer of data security.

State-of-the-art encryption key management

SureDrop gives you peace of mind that your encryption keys cannot be accessed by anyone but you. Advanced key management delivers 100% control of your encryption keys. Your IT department is free to implement the most stringent key storage security.

Malicious content protection

For the additional peace of mind that comes from proactive anti-malware protection, SureDrop is available with the Votiro Secure File Gateway extension. Votiro leverages patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology to protect your files from the most advanced, persistent cyber-attacks.