SureDrop is the most secure file sharing and collaboration solution available

Leveraging Senetas encryption security, SureDrop is optimised for as-a-service deployment by managed service providers.

SureDrop is available to telecommunications, cloud and managed service providers as a custom security add-on. Ease of implementation means SureDrop may be added to any customer’s as-a-service proposition with zero management overhead.

Want to find out more about SureDrop for Service Providers?

Developed to meet the requirements of Managed Service Providers and their customers, SureDrop can be customised and deployed as a white-label solution.

SureDrop represents the ideal opportunity to offer a differentiated, value-add service that delivers unrivalled security for file sharing and collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Management made easy with integrated active user and storage metrics
  • Automatic scaling architecture enables seamless addition of application servers without the need for configuration
  • Use of the Microsoft technology stack makes administration simple and intuitive
  • SQL Server based ,for ease of reporting, backup and maintenance
  • Centralised core database with secure customer data isolation, providing full confidence and separated customer management
  • Block data storage of encrypted, fragmented, compressed and de-duplicated data provides built-in redundancy at the application level
  • Enables the use of SAN or any low-cost storage (JBOD)
  • Simple and secure encryption key management across the entire lifecycle; including key generation, storage, distribution and deletion
  • Support for off-the-shelf Data Leakage Protection (DLP) and Anti-Virus tools, plus other open source tools that support ICAP
  • Supports Windows and SQL Server (v2008 R2 and above)
  • Managed Service Providers may install SureDrop onto an existing Virtual Machine (VM) image or pre-configured/packaged application server, as a VM provided by Senetas

Built from a security first standpoint, SureDrop offers collaboration without compromise.

Online support is available from Senetas product specialists and technical pre-sales support is provided to assist with solution architecture and customer solution design requirements.

Senetas is committed to the ongoing development of the SureDrop platform. Providing new features to meet the evolving demands of end-user customers helps maintain its position as a best-in-class solution.

Like all Senetas encryption solutions, the SureDrop roadmap is customer focused, designed to deliver the best data security and user experience.

SureDrop for managed service providers