SureDrop enables maximum file sharing convenience without compromising on security

As remote working becomes the new normal, organisations across the world are seeking more secure collaboration solutions.

SureDrop is available as an on-premises solution or as-a-Service from the cloud. It combines the convenience and familiarity of box-type file sharing and collaboration tools with strong encryption and 100% data location control.

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Who uses SureDrop?

SureDrop customers are a diverse mix of financial institutions, government agencies, professional services organisations, telecommunications service providers and major commercial enterprises.

They all have one thing in common: they are concerned about the inherent risks associated with sharing documents outside of their protected LAN.

Employees are frequently the weak link in the data security chain; engaging in risky behaviour that breaches security and compliance policies – such as the use of private file sharing accounts from public service providers.

Employers are increasingly demanding the 100% control and encryption security provider by SureDrop to eliminate public file sharing and ensure maximum data protection.

Is SureDrop right for you?

SureDrop is not just for large enterprise customers. If any of these sound familiar, SureDrop could be the ideal solution for you.

  • You are looking to empower remote workers with secure file sharing  across multiple platforms and devices
  • You are looking for a simple to use solution that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft suite of software
  • Whatever the size of your organisation, you have a need to regularly share sensitive or confidential files
  • You may be a service provider who is looking to add a secure file sharing application to your portfolio
  • You work with a government agency that mandates file sharing take place within a protected environment

SureDrop is the secure collaboration application your IT department will approve of.

SureDrop offers the flexibility of deployment as an on-premises application or as SaaS from the cloud. Customers are free to choose where their files are stored.

It was developed for organisations that have strong security policies around file storage but still require the productivity benefits of a fully features file sharing solution. It enables users to store, share, sync and collaborate using any file type.

Seamless integration with enterprise software applications, including the full Microsoft suite (Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365), makes single sign-on effortless.