Encrypted file sharing and collaboration with 100% data sovereignty control

SureDrop features all the convenience of box-style file sharing plus the implementation of best-in-class security.

SureDrop is secure by design, it provides strong encryption with state-of-the-art key management to ensure maximum security, without compromising performance or user experience. Used by governments, large multinationals and SME’s alike, SureDrop allows customers of all types to collaborate with confidence.

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Key Features

Admin Console

The SureDrop administrator’s console allows you to centrally manage users, groups and functionality throughout your business. If a user has a laptop stolen, you may delete the files remotely.

Managing users couldn’t be easier. Automatically provision new users when they join your organisation and automatically deactivate them when they leave.

Two-Factor Authentication

SureDrop supports Google and Microsoft Authenticator based 2FA for additional security.

Transparency & Auditability

SureDrop provides a full audit history of all changes, which is signed by SureDrop to verify their authenticity. Every file change is logged and recorded so you know who edited what document when.

Fully Redundant Storage

SureDrop has a fully redundant storage infrastructure that can be configured to keep up to 10 copies of every file. Files can be stored remotely in different locations as back-ups or simply for caching purposes, it’s up to you how many servers you install and manage.

Microsoft Integration

Our Active Directory sync feature makes it easy to manage users with your existing tools. Need to share files with users external to the organisation? No problem, use X.509 certificates to authenticate them.

We now support double byte characters and unlimited URL length; which means directories can be of any depth and directory names can be of any length.

Intuitive Web Interface

All the convenience and familiarity of popular file sharing and collaboration tools.

Secure Internet File Sharing

SureDrop provides secure, encrypted document management for local and wide area networks, plus secure document sharing with third party organisations outside of the corporate network.

One-Click Docker Deployment

SureDrop provides one-click deployment using Docker for both on-premises and cloud environments. Customers can install and maintain their own highly secure, private instance of the application in their chosen environment to meet data sovereignty and security requirements.

Additional Security Options

For customers seeking even greater levels of file security, SureDrop can be integrated with third-party security applications, including encryption key management and anti-malware technologies.

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Votiro Secure File Gateway

Votiro Secure File Gateway leverages patented content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology to protect your files from the most advanced, persistent cyber-attacks. Votiro sanitises incoming files, eliminating the risks associated with zero-day or undisclosed attacks, whilst preserving 100% file functionality.